About Us

Welcome to the UK’s leading Dance and Performing Arts company with a vast worldwide audience and extensive experience.


Our revolutionary company has a renowned reputation worldwide. It is the UK’s leading dance and performing arts company. All our teachers have extensive experience not only as teachers but as professional performers all highly skilled and all have been trained at the top dance and performing arts colleges in the UK and beyond. Each of our students and clients hold us with the highest regard which has resulted in a first rate company.

Each of our teachers undergoes a rigorous audition process with our expert panel before being added to the team. This ensures top rate teachers for all our students. We have a world wide audience, our online profile has renowned success with over 100,000 people engaging.

We have extensive experience in teaching dance and performing arts. These classes are unique and we offer a wide range of variety for all abilities and ages. We aim to bring a new approach to dance and performing to widen the understanding but also bring the joy to all.  Our creative genius of our elite team means we have an unfailing formula for providing cutting edge choreography and performances, that makes our clients and students stand out from the crowd.

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